A Simple Way to Increase Your Value in the Workplace

Most of us know how to complete our work. But we struggle at times with how to interact with the people we work with. Whether it’s our coworkers, bosses, vendors and others, the rules are never clear. In fact, those rules are often changing.

Our more complicated, global and fast-moving workplace requires us to successfully combine good technical expertise with strong soft skills, the collection of skills like listening, empathy, patience, delegation, adapting to change and teamwork, that guide us when dealing with people.

The best employees can combine both technical skills and soft skills. They become the leaders, earn the bonus or get the biggest raise. And they get the great jobs.



Great soft skills can make us more efficient and better able to adapt to the inevitable changes each work day requires


Being able to interact effectively with other people helps us to develop and deal better with teams to achieve results


The best solutions to challenges come from considering solutions drawn from people with different experiences

You Need to Develop the Skills That Employers Demand

The value of soft skills within organizations is largely untapped. The reason is simple: Most people don’t understand or appreciate their power.

Dr. Tobin Porterfield and Bob Graham, cohosts of the Serious Soft Skills Podcast, literally wrote the book on soft skills, The 55 Soft Skills That Guide Employee and Organizational Success.

Now, they take all of the research and information they packed into the book, as well as all the information that didn’t fit or they have developed since its publishing, and they have created a course the Softs Skills Success Course.


  • What Soft Skills Really Are -- and Aren't

    You’ll learn what most people don’t know about the breadth and depth of soft skills in the workplace.

  • How Shifts in the Workplace Mean New Skills Are Needed

    The century-old picture of work is outdated.

  • How You Can Stand Out in Your Office

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  • Why Soft Skills Can Help You Nail a Job Interview

    Integrating soft skills and storytelling into your job search can make you winner.

We Want to Make It Easy to Improve Your Soft Skills

We are eager to share our what we have uncovered about soft skills with you.

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