Is Workplace Change Making Your Job More Difficult?



Our technology-driven, hyper-competitive work world is only going to get worse as we all continue to deal with more globalization, generational differences and greater uncertainty.

That hum and spin of uncertainty is only going to get louder and faster.

Are You Ready?

We work with organizations and individuals in a wide range of industries, providing them with tips, tricks and strategies for succeeding in this climate.

  • Are you or your team stuck?
  • Do you struggle to regain your key employees?
  • Has your career stalled?
  • Do you feel unprepared to interview or take on your next job?
  • Are differences hurting productivity and your company culture?

We have developed a suite of services to help individuals and organizations to negotiate this ever-changing landscape.

For Individuals

For Companies

  • 1-on-1 coaching to position you to lead better or to make greater contribution
  • Affordable, easy-to-understand, actionable lessons on the latest trends and tricks for greater career success
  • The latest techniques for winning that next job or The Job of Your Dreams 
  • Training to transform your managers and leaders into greater assets
  • Customized workshops to foster a more inclusive, stronger company culture that improves productivity, morale and retention
  • Strategic process improvements designed to more easily identify the best job candidates

Our Story

Dr. Tobin Porterfield and Bob Graham have been researching, analyzing, writing about, podcasting and training on these changes in the workplace. They saw these trends emerging as they worked with college students to prepare them to be successful in their careers. They saw the same issues arising during their careers in various industries and among their friends and associates.

The same strategies they applied to help their students apply more universally, and they are on a mission to share what they have uncovered with as many people as possible.

They  can help you solve these and a host of other common workplace issues with our proven strategies that get at the heart of the problem quickly and powerfully.

Contact them to discuss how we can help you.