Targets: Hiring Managers, Talent Managers, HR Staff, Leaders with Hiring Responsibilities, Search Committees

The tightening job market makes hiring more challenging and more vital to an organization’s success. Our cutting-edge research on how employers integrate soft skills in job postings is the foundation on which we have developed this program. We used these results to develop strategies for eliciting soft skills from potential hires from the time they submit their materials to your selection of who to interview and who to hire

This workshop helps hiring managers and leaders improve their hiring process — identifying hiring needs, drafting the job posting, identifying candidates to interview, conducting the interview, choosing the right candidate and integrating that new hire into the existing team — with a greater focus on how the candidate’s soft skills will complement their technical skills.

In this workshop, we help hiring managers and other leaders integrate soft skills into all phases of the hiring process. (This workshop works best when addressing actual hiring situations.)