Pressure is one of the realities in today’s fast-paced business environment. To not be able to deal well with pressure is to practically guarantee you will be ineffective in performing your job. Today, we will discuss dealign with pressure and give some tips for handling pressure at work.

Cohosts Dr. Tobin Porterfield and Bob Graham discuss:
* Finding the sweet spot in handling pressure
* The Yerkes-Dodson Law
* Pressure and control

Some suggestions for dealing with stress:

1. Accept that stress is a part of life and work. Don’t fight it. Don’t complain about it. Just acknowledge it.
2. Anticipate stressors. If you know a deadline is coming, make sure you eat well, get a good night sleep and clear as much as possible in advance of that day.
3. Don’t take on other people’s stress. Different things cause each of us stress. Listen to others, but don’t make someone else’s stress yours.
4. Make time for daily stress-busting activities. Taking a walk, deep breathing, meditation, journaling, exercise are among the strategies many people use to combat stress.
5. Don’t make stress worst than it is. Stress will come and go. Can you remember the stressors in your life two months or two years ago? Probably not. Just let them go.

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