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The Soft Skills Revolution has a simple goal: Enable individuals and organizations to reap the many rewards of unleashing their soft skills.

For too long the workplace has been operated the same old way — the way of Henry Ford, the Model T and humans on assembly lines.

We need to recognize and react to the fact that most jobs now involve people interacting with other people, not with machinery. That huge change in the workplace puts the premium on soft skills, those skills we develop through trial and error that come into play each time we interact with someone else. The list of soft skills is long. We uncovered 55 that are used at work and wrote a book about them, The 55 Soft Skills That Guide Employee and Organizational Success. The list includes listening and empathy, oral and written communication, leadership and teamwork, adapting to change and leading to change.

Any change comes with discomfort. We will lessen the discomfort by sending you emails with information and actions to bolster your commitment the Soft Skills Revolution.

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