Time management can be a difficult soft skill for many people to master. We have seen our own set of problems with mastering this soft skill.

calendar screwdriverHere are a few tips and strategies to employ:

1. Use notecards, a new notecard for each day. This strategy works best when you are tracking one day only. (Adding undone items to the next day tends to have a clearing effect, in that if you do it enough, you actually complete the task in question.)
2. Use a composition book or notepad, using a new page for each day. You can schedule appointments on the respective dates.
3. Use an online app like Todoist or Fantastical on an Apple product and Wunderlist on a PC to track the to-do list and appointments. The benefit of this approach is that they are available on your phone and computer and even a tablet if you set it up correctly.
4. Use Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar/Reminders or Apple Reminders to track your to-do list and calendar items.

As people move up in their careers, the need to track your tasks and calendar items grows. The sooner you determine a winning strategy, the more you will achieve more effectively, and the more you will be seen as a leader in your organization.

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